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July and August Skills

Updated July 7, 2020

We still have some openings for our skills sessions. Please note, you don't have to be a player in our program to participate. Skills will be held every Monday from July 6-August 24 (@Malden Valley Forum)

  • 6-7PM - 2007 - 2011 (Advanced 2012s may be invited)
  • 7-8PM - 2005 - 2006
  • 8-9PM - 2001 - 2004

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Please note walk-ups (pending availability) must email us before you arrive pay $50 via Venmo @Dennis-Franczak. Please read below for rink protocols.

Rink Protocols for Monday Skills

Guidelines for Players and Coaches

1. Players must walk into the facility dressed and show up to the rink no more than 15
minutes prior to their ice time. We will provide adequate space for skaters to put their
skates on, but we recommend bringing walkable skates guards as well. GO TO THE RIGHT WHEN YOU WALK IN AND THERE ARE BLEACHERS WHERE YOU CAN PUT YOUR SKATES ON. MAINTAIN 6 FEET OF DISTANCE.

2. Players MUST leave within 15 minutes of the end of their ice time.

3. For the safety of all customers, participants and employees we strongly recommend
drop-off only for skaters. If that is not an option, only one (1) spectator per skater is
allowed inside the facility. Spectators will be required to wear a face mask and practice
social distancing. WE ENCOURAGE NO SPECTATORS.

4. Protective masks are required when social distancing cannot be done.

5. Masks are not required while participating during athletic activities.

6. Players will be required to use their own water bottles and fill them at home.

7. If a player or coach has any sort of illness, coughing, or sneezing please stay home.

8. No contact or battle drills are allowed.

9. No games, scrimmages or referees. (Need to confirm with Stage 3 on this).

10. Groups must be broken up into groups of 12 or less (Coaches & players included).
Multiple groups are allowed on the ice. Ice can be split into different areas with groups
of 12. Coaches must remain with small groups of 12 or less.

11. Coaches must be responsible for social distancing among players and coaching staff.

12. Must achieve proper hygiene at beginning and end of all activities thru handwashing
and sanitizing.

13. Please make sure to cover your mouth and/or nose when sneezing or coughing.

14. NO SPITTING inside facility.

15. Valley Rinks will provide hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.

16. Locker rooms and shower areas will be closed until further notice.

Thank you for following these instructions and we look forward to seeing you.


July-August Summer Skills
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