Thank You Mothers…For Everything You Do

I’ve worked with hundreds of players over the years in my soccer and hockey careers and I am amazed at the amount of hours and time these kids spend on the field or on the ice, and in the moment you don’t take the time to remember it’s the mothers (and dads too –more on that later) who spend countless hours driving to practices, sitting in the cold rinks during games, chasing the player’s siblings all over the stands during the games, and also serving as a moral support for the player (and sometimes the dads!) when things don’t go well.

Me and MomI find that most of these players are well-behaved, respectful, hard-workers and do their very best to follow the coaches instructions. It’s not by accident.  This comes from great parenting and it’s because of the sacrifices of time and money that you take on to help your child be the best they can be. It’s because of your efforts that they will be given the tools to succeed when their hockey careers are over.  It doesn’t matter what program, team, or league you play in. It’s a universal truth that moms are often the “Wizards of Oz” and unsung heroes when it comes to their kids playing sports. They bear much of the weight of a child’s feelings, insecurities, and also desire to be the best they can be.  That support carries them further in life than it ever will in sports.

My mom raised 5 of us on a teacher’s salary and we didn’t have much, but she made sure we appreciated what we had and she always gave us the one thing money couldn’t buy…her time. I remember the crying, the laughing, the advice, and I remember that my favorite part of my day was when my mom could take a little bit of her time each day and let me know that I mattered.

My wife does the same. She puts up with me running my business and also owning the Boston Imperials and is the main engine when it comes to raising our 2 children.  It’s a shame sometimes it takes me days like this to stop and appreciate it. I should be doing it every day.

The mothers I have met in my sports life (and my agency) are mothers who balance work, life, parenting, sports, and husbands/significant others on a daily basis and they manage to move forward.

They often get the crap kicked out of them every day by obstacles, challenges, limitations and yet, somehow it gets done.

I’m in awe of what you all do and I want to thank you for bringing your “A” game every day.

For an inspirational video that will make you cry, take a few moments and watch this video. This was produced by a competitive ad agency a few years ago, but it’s some of the best work I’ve seen that basically nails what it’s like to be a mom.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there and I hope you get to enjoy your day!