The Boston Imperials love to showcase our players that put in hard work on and off the ice.  The Boston Imperials are extremely excited and proud to have Nick Mercer on one of our U18 teams. Nick is a student attending Arlington Catholic High School who has a passion for more than just ice hockey, but for a more unexpected sport. When he’s not on the ice, you can find Nick on the track, racing Go Karts across the country. Go Kart Racing is an intense and highly competitive sport in which drivers compete across the nation at dangerous speeds topping 120mph. Go Kart Racing is a very expensive sport, but with the help of local race director Mike Camarra,  Nick and his family were able to rent a cart and get Nick out onto the track for training, practicing and racing.  

It all started with a five-year-old boy who stumbled upon a racing software on his father’s computer. After hours and hours of playing, learning and developing a love for the aspects of racing, Nick and his family made a collective decision to give Go Kart Racing an honest effort. From that point on, Nick has developed several connections and sponsorships for his racing, including: CLM Auto, Woburn Gas and Service, Salem Street Auto, and Linear Technology that have guided him throughout his racing career.  

Photo courtesy of Robert Mercer

Nick is a phenomenal student who is extremely talented in time management. He consistently balances time for academics, playing hockey and training on the race-track. Nick excels in the classroom by receiving marks that make him an above-average student. Through racing across the nation and playing hockey his whole life, Nick has made an abundance of friends from places all around the country from Indianapolis to Charlotte, North Carolina.  

Mercer says about his relationships with people he’s met along his racing career: 

“I solidified bonds with so many people across the country and those friendships have grown outside of the sports and will last a lifetime. The NHK club I joined when I was beginning my racing career is truly a family like no other, everyone is supportive and competitive, which motivates me to keep racing and chasing my dream of racing cars like the Formula 4 and competing in the ARCA series for NASCAR.”

The most important life lesson Nick has taken away from racing is to never give up 

“From all the races and competitions, I have competed in, I have learned to never give up. I have been in last place before and through my work ethic, the love and support from my friends and family, I come out victorious. I also take that lesson and apply it to other aspects of my life including hockey and most importantly schoolwork. If at first, I don’t succeed or understand something I don’t just throw in the towel and give up, I keep at it and keep pushing myself until I come out feeling I fully have done my best.” The Boston Imperials are extremely proud and delighted to have such a well-rounded unique individual such as Nick Mercer apart of our organization. 

Written By: Thomas Milne