Athletic Evolution is pleased to offer a complete off-ice training program for the Boston Imperials hockey program this summer (June 3rd-September 3rd). This program will focus on increasing athletic performance and decreasing risk of injury as it relates to you and your sport of hockey. When you start practices in the fall you will be bigger, stronger, faster, and better conditioned than ever before, and more importantly you will be at less risk for major injuries seen in the sport of hockey (i.e. shoulder, head, core, and groin injuries).
Cost of the program is 3 monthly payments of $299 plus a one time $50 evaluation fee ($947 total). Click Here to Register.
With this program each player will receive a Custom Performance Training membership to Athletic Evolution, a 3D body scan from Trainer MD (Human Performance Optimization Platform), and nutritional app from VitaBot.  This includes:
Movement and Injury Risk Screening– These tests will evaluate how the athlete moves and what injuries they are at risk for. Any imbalances or movement deficiencies that may lead to injuries or decreased athletic performance will show up through these tests and will be addressed in each athlete’s customized program.
Performance Test – Athletes will be tested in all the major lifts specific to their sport and goals. Athletes will also be tested in a variety of other performance tests including the Vertical Jump, 20 yard Dash, Agility Test, Conditioning Test, and Strength Tests. The results of these tests will allow AE’s staff to set the athlete’s movements, weights, and conditioning accurately in their customized program.
Survey– Each athlete will be asked to complete a survey that will tell AE’s staff about their athletic history, injury history, training background, and their future performance and training goals. This will allow the coaches to design the best program possible for each athlete’s specific needs and goals.
TrainerMD Body Scan
TrainerMD Body Scan

Trainer MD 3D Body Scan– Each athlete will undergo a 3D body scan and full body composition analysis. These results will show what asymmetries and muscular imbalances currently exist in the body. These ‘RED FLAGS” determine what potential injury concerns currently exist in the body and will allow our trainers the ability to program corrective exercises to help eliminate these red flags. All of that information will then be sent to our online nutrition platform so we can customize the appropriate nutritional program to help the athlete reach their optimal body weight and body composition.

Nutritional App from VitaBot – This app will use the data collected from your body scan to set an appropriate nutritional plan for you. This app is easy to follow and allows you to track and implement a daily nutritional program designed just for you.
TrainerMD Scan Dahboard
TrainerMD Scan Dahboard
Our trained and certified coaches at Athletic Evolution will then take all of this information and design a program specific to you, your age, your sport, your position, your needs, and your goals. Once your customized program is ready, you may attend any of our Custom Performance Training Classes listed below. During each class you attend you will go through your program under the supervision and instruction of our expert coaching staff.
Classes are two hours long and you may attend as many as you want (limit one per day) at any day/time you choose.
Available Custom Performance Training Classes:
Prior to June 17th:
M-Th: 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm
Fri.: 3pm, 4pm
Sat.: 9am
Starting June 17th:
M-Th: 6am, 630am, 730am, 830am, 930am, 1030am, 1130am, 12pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm
Fri.: 6am-12pm
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