As a veteran of the US Air Force, I always take time around Memorial Day to reflect on those that have given their life in service of their country. I was one of the lucky ones. I also use this time to reflect on what the Armed Forces provides not only our country, but those that serve.

Discipline, respect, teamwork, time management, duty.  Does this sound familiar? It should. These are core values we work to instill in our players and it was my time (7 years) that helped develop me into a person that tries to ensure these values are part of what I do every day and we want our players to share in these values because they will serve them far in life.

Those that served in the Armed Forces (and I know there are many among us in the youth hockey community and our club) know what I’m talking about. I have so much respect for you and I always reflect on those that lost their lives in service of our country.

These men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice and we tap our sticks in their honor.  There is however, one story that sticks out to me. That is the story of Pat Tillman.  If you have not read his story, please do so. A professional NFL athlete quits at the highest level of the sport to serve our country and he ends up paying the ultimate price. It is those people we remember today.

There have been a number of hockey players who have given their life and a great article about their service can be found here.

Tap the sticks. They deserve it.